Local Mental Health Resources

Southwest Counseling Solutions has multiple programs for children, youth and adults. Give them a call to find out what services they can offer you. Intake (313) 841-7474

Detroit Health Department (800) 467-2452

Alcholics Anonomous (313) 831-5550

Addiction Crisis Line DWMHA (800) 241-4949

Suicide Prevention Center Detroit (313) 224-7000

Health and Mental Health - CHASS Clinic, 5635 W. Fort St., Detroit MI 48209 - (313) 849-3920

Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence - CHASS LA VIDA Program, 5635 W. Fort St. Detroit MI 48209 - (313) 849-3920 ext. 5060.

First Step Domestic Violence hotline (888)-543-5900.  

Additional website with lots of mental health resources


"Mesothelioma.net: Additional information for cancer patients experiencing intense feelings of grief or depression - https://mesothelioma.net/depression-and-mesothelioma/."

List of Detroit Rehab Centers for Drug or Alcohol Addiction HERE or HERE